Service Overview

Our service is specifically designed  to provide Philippine companies with a tailor-made, inexpensive payroll outsourcing solution.

Whether you are a small business or large organisation, you can avail of our services and are guaranteed to receive the best quality of service.

Dedicated in providing a flexible and cost-effective solution, Payroll Express ensures your people get their pay on time.  Payroll Express is proud to be your payroll department.

Our service is supported by two applications which our I.T. group developed namely:  TymSys (Time and Attendance Monitoring System) and Payroll Express.

TymSys allows you to process and analyze time distribution from your office on you own timekeeping website.  If you already have a time and attendance system in place, you can forego using TymSys and use your own system instead.

When you are ready with the time distribution,  it is sent to us where a dedicated payroll team assigned to your account takes over.  Actual payroll processing takes place in the secured environment of Radix.

Radix uses the Payroll Express system to process your payroll. Payslips are printed and emailed to the employees. Bank advices are generated in formats required by your banks. Government reports are generated in formats dictated by these institutions.

We believe our prices are among the most competitive in the Philippines payroll services and payroll outsourcing industry.

Setting your own payroll department involves a lot of expenses which may include computers, operating systems and making sure your software is up-to-date on changes in rules and regulations.

With Payroll Express, we take care of those costs for you.