How it Works

Step 1: Setup and Customization

The initial step involves two processes.

Process One: The TymSys and Payroll Express systems are customized according to specific needs of the client. Customization may include changes to time worksheets, pay slip format, debit advices etc.

Process Two: Your own sub-domain i.e. is set up from where TymSys can be accessed. It also involves setting up basic references such as employee file, pay type, shift schedules, organizational units, etc.

Since various establishments use different time clocks and payroll systems, input and output file formats are always custom made. Thus, each company will have a custom-built version of the system with its own set of programs and database with continuing central support.

Step 2: Employee Changes

Before each attendance and payroll processing, changes to the employees payroll-related information, new employees and additional deductions and earnings are submitted to Payroll Express team.

The Payroll Express team posts the changes to your database to ensure correct information are referenced during the attendance and payroll processes.

The changes must be submitted via email or fax 2 days before the cut-off date for the payroll period in order to be reflected.

Step 3: Tymsys

For the attendance processing, the records from the time clocks are uploaded to the TYMSYS.COM server to populate the timesheet work file. The employee time record is matched against the required work schedule. A maintenance screen is provided wherein the user can make the adjustments for exceptions such as blank or partial entries. Once confirmed, an exception report file is generated to be forwarded for payroll processing.

For labor law compliance, employee daily time records are generated that can be easily printed when required. Management reports are also prepared to summarize frequency and duration of absences and tardiness.

In the leaves monitoring module, several types of company leaves can be customized such as vacation, sick days, paternity, maternity, etc. with the corresponding leave entitlements assigned for each employee or group of employees. A leaves ledger is maintained for each employee wherein availed leave benefits are recorded based on approved leave forms.

Company policies and practices are taken into consideration to avoid employee dissatisfaction. Every pay period, paid leaves are incorporated in the exception report file to be forwarded for payroll processing.

In the same manner, overtime hours are recorded based on overtime authorization forms subject to existing company policies and practices. Total overtime work hours and pay codes are also incorporated in the exception report file.

Step 4: Time Exceptions

When you are ready with the time distribution, it is sent to Payroll Express for processing.

Step 5: Payroll Express

The Payroll Express team ensures that changes to employee information and additional deductions and earnings are incorporated in the database before payroll is computed.

After the payroll run, the payroll register and payslips are printed. Bank advices are generated in formats required by your banks. Government reports are also generated in formats dictated by these institutions. If the company chooses to send the payslips directly to their employees, Payroll Express may send them through its email facilities.

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